by Matthias Heiderich

(Source: moarrrmagazine)


Pocket Square Clothing

 “A Gentlemen’s Clothing Company”

 I love this company and its creativity, formed around the culture of artists, entertainers, musicians, and architectures. The founders Rodolfo Ramirez and Andrew Cheung built this gentlemen’s clothing company with the inspiration to create a lifestyle brand beyond clothing. PSC is based out of Los Angeles, California and peddles Neckties, Bow Ties, and Pocket Squares. It’s the goal of PSC to build a relationship with its consumers and followers with a story expressed through its timeless pieces of clothing. With the belief that clothing is a language that communicates one’s individualistic qualities, each piece of clothing is an open canvas allowing every consumer to make their own artistic story. With a personal addiction to a vintage and chic look, I can truly appreciate PSC and its pursuit to be an inspiration along with being inspired. Making Pocket Square Clothing Lamar Samuels approved.


Neckties: $45.00 - $65.00

Bow Ties: $35.00 - $55.00

Pocket Squares: - $20.00 - $25.00 (package of 3 for $45.00)



Each piece is handcrafted, with detail. This is a brand that is proud to state that every product is made in America.